Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh Canada! Part 1


Day 1 - the view from our 27th floor room. Just Mike and me with an incredible city view.

The view from the Chateau Mont Royal in the middle of the city toward the St. Lawrence River. That was a really steep hike!

A building in Old Montreal - old City Hall I think.....

The Basilica of Notre Dame in Old Montreal.

On the plaza in Old Montreal with some of the beautiful fall color in the background.

I had a great post started about our trip but in trying to move it around and make it look pretty I lost it. I'll work on it some more later. Next installment will be Quebec City and surroundings. Let me just say, don't let 11 years go between extended trips away with your husband (like we did). It is money and time and effort well spent in a renewed relationship with your beloved. We pray we are able to do a trip like this again within the next two years......