Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tutus and slippers

Saturday was the big day. The whole reason they persevered in lessons all year. The Dance Recital. The day when they got to wear their pretty costumes, dance on stage, get bouquets, and best of all..... wear makeup!

Anna's dance was to "When I wish Upon a Star" and she was chosen (randomly) to be the fairy who woke the other fairies up with her wand. The spotlight shone on her first as she began to dance - how fun! She's grown so much in dance this past year. Her teacher says "She really gets it". Next year she is excited to continue to Ballet II and start Tap. She'd love to do Jazz too but there's only so much time......

Sarah's class were all in different costumes. Their theme was Stuffed Animals and she was a bumble bee. She was absolutely the most adorable bee you've ever seen. Watch out Jerry Seinfeld! She had such a big smile on during the performance and remembered everything. It is so awesome to see our shy Sarah shine on stage.

Little Miss Emily is anxiously awaiting when her own dance classes start next year. She was so attentive to all the dances during ALL the rehearsals AND the show. During intermission she danced up and down the aisles. I'm quite certain she was coveting some of the costumes she saw as well! This little one is in a leotard (or bathing suit substitute) half the day. When the big girls were getting into their costumes she made sure to put her own pretty leotard and slippers on so she could be ready for the recital too. You can be sure she wanted the coveted makeup as well but now she has something to look forward to.