Monday, May 05, 2008

Bella vs The Squirrel


Guess what! On Sunday May 4th my mom saw Bella going all crazy near the pool. She said to us "look at Bella she's going crazy over something in the pool." We looked out the windo and we saw Bella going crazy over a squirrel. A squirrel had gotten through a hole in the screened in porch that we did not know about and had fallen into the pool. We went outside and looked at the squirrel for a few seconds. Then the squirrel got in the filter so we lifted the lid off the top and we saw the squirrel holding itself up by it's front claws on its back on the side of the filter. After that we looked for something we could use to get the squirrel out with. When we were searching my mom said, 'the squirrel is out" and we rushed outside. Sure enough the squirrel was out of the pool. My dad had got the squirrel out and was on the screen and my dad was chasing it with our pool brush. Finally it went back through the hole. "Finally", I said.