Thursday, November 01, 2007

A little taste of sweetness

Whatever your view of Halloween is, you can't help but love the little ones all excited and dressed up! Our own personal Pirate Princess, Alice in Wonderland, and Ballerina Princess (of course)!

Sorry about the blurriness, but I wanted to capture the beauty of this pumpkin. Anna chose the design and my husband freehand drew and then carved it. Wow.

Our pumpkin collection. Since we were gone to our church's Trunks with Treats celebration these three cuties were all the trick or treaters to our door were treated to. Fortunately we didn't get any tricks!

Emily is an endless supply of stories for y'all. She has the biggest sweet tooth in Florida and last night was in candy heaven, as you can imagine! Apparently all that indulgence caused her to have trouble sleeping last night. Mike was woken sometime around Midnight with a light shining on the patio outside our room. He went into the living room to investigate and found Emily happily playing with her toys out there. He shooed her back to bed and we all went back to sleep. This morning she denied any knowledge of her nighttime adventures and then went into her room and came out with this outfit on. She is turning into quite the fashion Diva. Incidentally, the ladies that help with the YMCA childcare area told me that she seems tired today. I wonder why?!!!