Friday, September 29, 2006

The latest

Hurray! As of today I have $1731.97 in my Joints in Motion account. That is a huge relief. Only $268.03 until I've met my $2000 commitment to the Arthritis Foundation. The biggest donation so far has been my portion of the profits from our group garage sale last weekend. Hurray! The other girls have a little further to go with their fundraising so I'll be joining in to help them meet their goal. I'm also halfway there in my running miles too. Next weekend is my first half marathon. I've done the distance before (two weeks ago) so I'm confident that I'll at least finish.
Fall is on the near horizon here. I've been listening to another friend who blogs go on and on in bliss over getting out her cordoroy pants and wearing comfy soft jackets. She has the benefit of living where there are more than two seasons. I am contenting myself with the drop in humidity and a wonderful coolness in the air in the morning. I know beautiful Florida weather is around the corner. While I am jealous now that she get to wear cute "fall clothes" I'll be glad in January when I'm wearing a light layer in the morning and enjoying short sleeves in the afternoon! I've been reminded from several places that my dream home is in heaven. Being contented now with where God has placed me will make the wait seem more pleasant. Besides, how could anything on Earth possibly top what God has created for me in heaven?!
I've found myself frustrated recently due to a busy schedule that prevents getting more than the most basic errands run. I've had some things on my shopping list for 6 weeks or more just because I don't ever make it to the right part of town at the right time of day. However, I've decided that there is a blessing there. As I have made it all this time without those items I realized that I don't necessarily need those things (although once I am able to get them I will enjoy them!). It has also been good for my budget because those stops to pick up something on the list always result in things that weren't on the list coming home too. So, I'm praising God today in the blessing of the schedule he's given me this fall. It has definitely made more time for me to spend with Emily at home, taking care of my home, and being ready for the girls when their school day is over. Thank you God for when you say "no" and "wait".