Monday, April 14, 2008

On Spring, Bugs, and an Eight Year Old

Isn't it amazing that cacti produce these gorgeous flowers? God knows how to protect his most beautiful creations with those unfriendly thorns. We found this particular one on a hike while camping this past weekend.

In other news, Anna celebrated 8 years of life on March 31st. She is so smart, eager to be independent, desires to know the Lord more, loves to shop and play with her sisters, is a good friend, and also beautiful. On her birthday she got to have a family celebration where she chose eggs, biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Papa Johns pizza and brownies for her dinner. She is really into wearing jewelry now so her Dad and I got her a little silver ring and necklace to match. It is hard to see but if you look carefully you can see the little ring on her right hand. She was very excited!

A few days later she had a howling good time with seven of her friends in a puppy/kitty themed sleep-over. My dear friend, Lianne, came over Friday night to help with crafts and then again Saturday morning to paint the girls as a cat or dog. They went home complete with ears and ID tags. It was a very busy night but loads of fun for everyone. I was very proud to see Anna encourage her friends to bring items to donate to the local animal shelter. (The picture is missing two girls who only stayed for the evening.)
In other good news, the cast came off last Thursday and she gets to resume bike and scooter riding this next weekend.

My dear friend, Lianne, after the big girls went home, allowed Emily to paint her to look like "The Bad Witch" from the Wizard of Oz. She's a pretty special friend to Emily to permit it. As demonstrated by the fact that she left and ran errands with her "black kitty" daughter around town for several hours before going home to wash. THAT is a pretty special love!

Camping at Little Manatee River State Park. It was buggy but fun was had by all. Then we came home Sunday to actually get some sleep. I don't know how anyone can do more than two nights in a tent! I'm going to invest in ear plugs and super strength bug spray before our next trip.

Sarah has lost her two middle bottom teeth and looks so cute. She is also sporting her new replacement glasses which we think are gorgeous. The new specs shows off her big beautiful blues to perfection.
Emily LOVED playing in the dirt. She was filthy. Her cute little pony tails were completely droopy by the end of the day after wearing a hat in the sweaty sun but she is still totally cute. Makes you want to just squeeze her! She was adamant at bedtime that she have her pjs and when it was morning she needed her clean clothes and a trip to the potty. The girl knows what she wants!