Friday, August 04, 2006


There are certain pivotal moments in a mother's life when it is clear that your child is "growing up". Of course we realize that every day there is a new thing learned or a new accomplishment but certain moments just kind of stick out as momentous. Today I experienced one of those. I have know for a few days that my little Emily, nearly 18 months old, wasn't fond of her highchair anymore. She fussed when I put her in it and wanted out as soon as she was done eating. I still like the high chair because it has a nice big tray to contain her mess and she is contained within the confines of the chair, restricted from spreading her mess all over the dining nook or being able to reach anyone else's plate or cup.

Today, I set her in her chair for her customary Nutrigrain bar and milk and left to do a few more morning chores. Soon I heard her fussing and a sweet strained voice saying "'tuck......Mommy!.....'tuck".....MOMMY!!" I took a peek and found her like this. I had to agree, she certainly was stuck!

So now she'll be joining us at the dining table in a booster seat (with straps!) and the highchair will find a new home. I will be glad to have the space back in my nook and I won't mind not having to clean its nooks and crannys anymore, but I am a little sad to see hard evidence that my baby has taken another step away from babyhood.