Friday, June 29, 2007

Off We GO!!

The car is all packed. We're headed out for a whole month to visit friends and family in Alabama and Texas and we leave tomorrow morning. Early. All the possible preparations that could be done have been done (I think). We've got all the half eaten bags of snacks in the car so they don't get gross before we get home. We've got the cute outfit to take pictures with the cousins in. We've got the camera to take some more cute pictures along the way. The tires have tread, are aired, balanced, aligned and rotated. The oil is fresh and new. There are movies, games, books, colors, blankets and baby dolls loaded up and ready to spring all over the car and spill out onto the pavement when the doors open. The new, aerodynamic, hardsided (read: rainproof) car top carrier is loaded with luggage, a portable bed for the two year old, the stroller, suitcases, and the life jackets for lake play.

We get to celebrate a 60th birthday, an 80th birthday, our nation's birthday, two brand new retirement dream homes, a raise and promotion, and the love for our family and friends. We are all so excited!!!!

So, check back in this month and I'll try to keep you updated on our travels. I've heard Texas is one big lake so please pray for our safe travel and the safety of the family we are traveling to see. Last time we we took this trip it was about 4000 miles on the old minivan - we expect to hit that mark again. We're also going to keep track of license plates. Last year we got 3/4 of the list knocked out before we even left Florida.

Happy Traveling......