Monday, October 02, 2006


My body doesn't always cooperate well with my plans for it. Today was another (in a series) of reminders that what I want to do is not always in line with what it is willing to do.
My sweet husband was up in Gainesville to recruit new blood for The Firm. I was on my own to take the girls to a birthday party. A grand time was had by all three and then it was time to load up and go home.
I was asked to hold two, still slightly wet, ceramic art masterpieces, three goody bags, Emily's baby doll and diaper bag, my purse. I got the ceramics pieces and bags safely in my right hand and bent to pick up Emily with my left. As I was rising with her in my arms something went "boing" in that spot in my back that periodically does that. I immediately knew I was in trouble.
It was painful to carry Emily's 25 lbs (just weighed that morning, how convenient!) to the car and then transfer her into her car seat. I tried to "take it easy" last night - read: No picking up of toys or mopping of floors and dinner was hot dogs and french fries picnic style in front of the movie Dumbo. I was praying that a night of rest was all that was needed to be straightened out by morning.
This morning I saw an, unfortunately, familiar reflection in the mirror that reminds me of that crooked man nursery rhyme. You know, the one that goes "There once was a crooked man who lived in a crooked house......" I only had a defined waist on one side. One shoulder was higher than the other and my hips didn't move properly.
I called my trusty chiropractor for an early appointment as I drove the girls to school. I was optimistic about her ability to "fix" me and wore my gym clothes, hoping to head to the gym to at least walk on the treadmill. It was definitely wishful thinking.
I'm not to run until at least Wednesday. I am still very tender and have iced twice already today. All this just 6 days before my half marathon. Please pray for my back to heal quickly!!!!!