Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Little Cutie Sarah

This past year at school Sarah acquired the name "Little Cutie Sarah" and now there are whole families that call her by it. She was one of the shortest in her K4 class and is so loving to those she knows so it didn't surprise us too much. I've often called her My Sweet Sarah. Last Friday she became even cuter in our eyes when she got these darling little blue glasses.

She turned 5 on June 4th and then on June 8th we took our two oldest to have eye exams for the first time. We always knew that, at a minimum, one of our girls would need glasses. The surprise was that she's farsighted! It's a low prescription and she really just needs them for up close work. The best news of all is that she should outgrow it. Our prayer is that having the glasses helps Sarah with some of her sensory issues since not seeing well must have an impact on that as well. The irony is that we had only been "glasses free" in our house for about a month. Mike had Lasik last year and I had Lasek this spring.
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