Sunday, June 03, 2007

Marathon girl

Disney Marathon Jan 7th
Time: 5:55
glad to finish!
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Sarasota Marathon March 4th
time: 5:18
Hurray for a reasonable time.
No races on the schedule for a while while speed increases. No more 5+ hour marathons. My friend is one of the wonderful people who has trained with me all year. We've ran every big race together so far. Running friends are awesome and deserve lots of credit!

Minnie is just two

The cutest little two year old Minnie you've ever seen. All dolled up for her birthday on February 8th.
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A freshly minted 7 year old

March 31st
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Tiny Ballerinas

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Dance Recital night June 2nd. The best performances given were from these two brave ballerinas. They outshone all the stars on the stage or in the sky.