Thursday, January 24, 2008

Falling Apart

What is it that causes things to start disintegrating all at the same time?

For example. I've been running (regularly) for about 1 year and 10 months. I've had my ups and downs but with regularly scheduled chiropractor visits I'm still hanging in there. This week I've had an unexpected and unexplained, new (as opposed to old familiar), pain in my shins and calves. To the point where I actually had to *gasp* break down and take medicine just so I could walk without wincing. This coincided within days of my left wrist unexpectedly and unexplainedly beginning to hurt in any position I had it. This is bad guys!

Thankfully the Chiropractor adjusted my wrist (carpal tunnel apparently) and it's mending. Some rest and massage are helping my legs. Is this what its like once you've crossed over that magic number 35?

In addition, as I was giving my house a good thorough cleaning this week I found a dozen things new items to add to our home maintenance list. Good grief! That list was already long enough Thank You Very Much! The hot water heater and the sprinkler system repairs took an unexpected chunk out this month already. Oh, I almost forgot the silly automatic pool cleaner that took a piece too.

My van is leaking power steering fluid in the floor of the garage.

It seems unexpected expenses happen every year right about the time the Tax Refund comes in. Is it just me?