Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tennis Shoe

We've had a cold tear through our home in the last week. It started with Sarah, who got over it the quickest, and then moved to me, Anna, and Emily. I love the whole family sharing thing - just not this particular variety.
You might be wondering why I am sharing this with the world but it is some important background info for what I'm about to tell you next.
We were driving to school the other day and I hear from behind my seat, where Emily sits, "Mommy!! I need a tennis shoe!!"
I replied "We didn't bring your tennis shoes, Emily, you Crocs are on the floor where you dropped them".
She replied back "Mommy, I NEED a tennis shoe!"
To which I replied "Emily, you don't need a tennis shoe, we are just taking the girls to school and then going home".
"Mommy, I have boogers!! I need a tennis shoe"
Then Anna pipes up "She means a tissue Mommy, her nose is running!"
There you go. When your nose runs, you need a tennis shoe. Now I get it.