Friday, September 12, 2008

School Days

Hi all! I haven't made the paper yet as that crazy mom who was found muttering in the street about how her kids made her lose her mind. I'm not buried under mountains of books. Actually, we are doing well and I really enjoy teaching our girls at home. From most reports they are enjoying learning at home as well.

Homeschooling is absolutely all the work that people claim it to be. At least the way we are doing it (classically). The good news is that I am seeing some great academic progress. We just finished our 4th week of "official" schooling. I'm learning what works for our day and what doesn't. I'm sure that lots more tweaking will be done but so far, so good. I have no regrets.

I'm still a completely normal Mom and still miss that quiet part in my day that used to exist when the big girls were at school and Emily was in her room for a quiet time, but I'm trying to carve that out of a different place in my day - early in the morning. I certainly can't start my day without a quiet time now. I need that time in prayer and reading my Bible to make sure I start my day out on the right foot. There is a definite difference in the mood of our day when I take that time first thing. I do wish I had a grandparent or two around to come for a few hours a week so I can get out of the house by myself. A solo trip to the grocery store last week was way too enjoyable (I usually hate that chore!).

My favorite parts of homeschool, in no particular order:
I love re-learning (and sometimes for the first time) along with my girls. I've sure forgotten (or never learned) an awful lot!
I love reading all these good books together.
It is really cool to select a book for independent reading that first gets a wrinkled nose and rolling eyes but by time she's finished it, she is narrating the whole story to me with excitement.
It is awesome to hear my daughter tell me she loves math and watch her giggle with joy as she works through her worksheet.
I get so excited to do science with my girls because they are jumping out of the their skin with excitement to do a science experiment.
I love having our family bible study time in the morning, something we could never manage consistently when they were in "regular school". I'm learning so much about them just from listening to them share.

Lest you think I am a weirdo super homeschool mom, Emily is loving her traditional 3-day a week preschool (yes, she's at school!). She's painting and fingerpainting, playing with playdoh and swinging on the swings with other kids her age and having a ball. Her teacher is super sweet and Emily skips out of bed on school days. She's had it the roughest of all the girls with this change. She used to have Mommy all to herself during the day and when Sisters were home it was time to play. Now they stay home and she goes to school (MWF) and when they are home together (TT) the big girls are busy with school. I think going to school has been the perfect thing for her this year. If you ask her she'll say she goes to All God's Children AND does Homeschool because she gets to have the best of both worlds.

Sending out our love to you all!