Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time travel

My oldest daughter has been given the challenge by her ballet teacher to be able to do a split by Easter so we've been stretching together every day. I need the extra flexibility too so it is working out well for me too.

Last night as we were stretching I was reminded that I have a picture from "way back when" of me in my flag girl uniform doing a split. I wanted to prove to my nearly 8 (going on 24) year old daughter that I could actually do one once. You know, that I do know a little bit about what I am talking about...... even thought I don't get anywhere near a real split anymore.

I never found that picture but I found a few other ones that brought back all kinds of memories. I thought it might be fun to share two that I found with y' all. Today I'm not going quite as far back as being able to do the "real" splits. Just to the era of being a mother of "just one".

This is the weekend the Mommies went away and the Daddies were in charge. Oh! It was a such a sweet weekend. I honestly can't remember when this was, just that I'm certain my daughter must have been more than a year old because I didn't leave her while I was still nursing her (unlike sisters #2 and #3). I am so proud of these Daddies for stepping up to the plate so readily so the Mommies could have a retreat together. I bet they didn't realize what they helped get started! Such incredible blessings have come from this gathering of young Christian mothers.